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Starting March 21st, The Workz will be hosting a family sensory night for families with more specific needs. 

Family Sensory Night will be held this summer on every third Tuesday night of the month, 5 - 8:30 PM.


Get excited for our next date, Tuesday, May 16th!

This event is free, but there are still limited tickets to ensure a calming and spacious experience for all.


We understand that not everyone enjoys a crowded and busy restaurant, but it can become even more challenging for those with more specific needs. 

We truly want there to be something for everyone, and we know that there are adults and kids that still get left out of that equation. So, we've taken the extra steps to make our space more welcoming and enjoyable truly for all!


To ensure comfort for all, we'll change the look and feel of our dining area.

All tables will be spaced out; imagine ADA-compliant with even more space.

Overhead, distracting lights and music will be turned off. **Lights to the arcade games will not, however, as that is not a setting without just turning them off, and we want visitors to play games still if they choose to!

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The Workz-Sensory Night Menu (1).png


With more area to roam and play, we'll be adding sensory tables to the fun! These tables will have your loved one's favorite activities (like coloring) and other touch/fidget sensory toys!

We will still have the arcade games running if your family wants to play their favorite games. All music will be turned off from the games, but lights will still be on due to game settings.


We have created easy-to-read/choose menu options with a picture menu!

There will be a minimal selection, but all your loved one's favorite foods will still be available!


Want to experience Family Fun Night from a whole new perspective?


Come join us every third Tuesday of the month this summer!

Want to book a private Sensory Night Event? Contact us here!

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