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The Falls Theater was built in 1925. In 1962, this theater was converted into a Cinerama Theater. Seating was reduced from 1,000 to approximately 630 seats at that time. As of 2004, the building was still standing. In the summer of 2016, plans were announced to convert the theatre into a micro-brewery.

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Jump a couple of years to 2018; Cuyahoga Falls Partners Tim Frankish, Kim Green, Chris Carpenter and Melissa Barnes had bigger plans for the space. Wanting to see a pillar of their hometown have life again while still honoring its history, The Workz on the Riverfront was born!

Scroll through our galleries below to see the growth and build of The Workz from its former glory to the growth you'll see today!

The Entrance & Bar

The Main Dining Hall

The Mezzanine

The Speakeasy